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​​Bianca Yeh

Co Founder

Director & Producer


Responsible for TV commercials, video imaging, Music Videos, etc. a filmmaker whom communicates and coordinate our shooting team. Exceptional actors instructor, and a Camera crew coordinator.

Her world isn't just black and white, her world is colored vibrantly. Bianca loves to use her camera  to interpret things, according to what she sees and what she feels. She loves to engage herself with laughter, publicly while watching her favorite film. Her ability and skills surpasses most men, you can definitely trust her extraordinary abilities over her cooking. 

Last by not the least, Bianca is a beautiful and intellectual peer to peer mediator.



Hometown: Taichung, Taiwan
College:  MFA MPT

                Academy of Art University



Clark H.Y. Tai
Co Founder

Screenwriter & Storyboard Artist

Responsible for the Corporate branding, imaging (visual / text), Storyboarding, Various types of creative Project Planning. Specializes in Screenwriting, and Computer Graphics Designs.

He likes to start off his day with a cup of ice coffee, with a cup of hot chocolate to end his day. He's a hardcore comics fan, at the same time he is addicted to the scent of leather, and prefers to take long strolls instead of driving. More importantly, he thinks cooking is another form of art.

He has a heart of a child, but talks like a old man. He defines quality. Clark is a gentle tyrant. 




Hometown:​​​ Tainan, Taiwan ​  

College:  MFA MPT

                Academy of Art University


Steven Mui


Business & Operations


Responsible for external communication and coordination, skills in Process Improvement; Specializes in Business Management, Marketing, Event coordinator, and a certified ISO Internal Auditor. He is the backbone in our company.

He is a Sushi loving geek, there are only dress suits and casual hoodies in this closet. He's a non-alcoholic designated drive that once owned an successful nightlife business. He coincidentally learned Chinese through singing at Karaoke bars. He's a very important asset and bridging support in this team. He is the fuel that drives our company.

He is the Asian version of Shrek, waiting for his Fiona!


Hometown:​ ​ ​Boston, MA   
San Francisco State University



Zi Peng
Financial Strategic Analyst

Financial Planning


He is a great idealist, his passion for numbers is just like when Sherlock Holmes encounters an enigma, as his words fills the atmosphere with calmness and wisdom, so that the whole team is rejuvenated with strength and stability to continue our forward momentum.


Although his identity is a PhD economist, but he doesn't lavish himself like those on Wall Street, he looks just like any college student. Plain and simple, and lets no time go to waste. Reluctant to waste time to attend parties or pointless events.


He speaks like a knife carving down directly with his words, but in fact he is a very soft-hearted when it comes to collegues, friends, and most importantly family. He is our company's most trusted strategic advisor.


Hometown:​​​ Guangzhou, China ​  
 MS Financial Economics

                PhD Economics

                University of California, Berkeley

                University of California, Davis


Jerry Hsu
Project Executioner

UI/UX Chief Designer


Responsible for project Execution, Product Research, Development, Testing and Implementation. Specializes in Computer Programming and Computer Graphic Designs.

He is passionate but is extremely obsessive (OCD) with Medieval knights, likes traveling around the world to solve other people's problems is his greatest motivation, but because of softhearted mindset he tends to carry too much burden on his shoulders.

He thirst for knowledge, like the Duracell bunny, someone that can never stop beating, his enthusiasm is like a locomotive engine that leads the team forward.




Hometown:​​​ Taipei, Taiwan ​  
MFA Design 

                California College of The Arts


Connie Gao

Producer & Photographer

Project Coordinator

Responsible as a producer, works closely with executive team to coordinate various commercial projects and a customer relations specialist.


A fashion and fine arts photographer, she has not only achieved the balance between fine arts and commercial, but also created many great works in both of areas of expertise.


She uses her soft and sensitive personality to concept many vintage and historical work. A very passionate and outgoing person.


She is not trying to showoff herself, but to strive to gain more opportunities for other artists. She believe that by introducing more and more great artists, not only brings a fresh power to Chinese clients, but also communicate the culture between Chinese and American society.




Hometown: Shenzhen, China
College:  MFA Photography

                Academy of Art University


Aom Thanaporn

Project Manager

Fashion Consultant

Responsible as a production hairstylist, costume and make-up artist, and also serve as our project coordinator.

She likes people call her Lady A, the name Aom means she's a "frugal woman" in Thai, but her desires for designer bags are somewhat an expensive taste ...

She's a sweet girl and a attractive woman, she has a strong sense of spiritual willpower as she overloads herself with work.

On the outside, she's the princess from "The Princess and the Pea" but in our team, she is definitely our adorable Cinderella.



Hometown: Bangkok, Thailand
College:  MFA Design & Merchandize

                Academy of Art University


Cai Tuo

Production Manager

Project Coordinator

Reponsible for supervising production process and coordinates projects. A all-rounded support in all areas of media entertainment.


A filmmaker and a stage manager from Beijing. had joined a professional string orchestra since he was six. He was a member of Art Organization of CNU in Beijing for four years, and did art, photography, drama directing, screenwriting, acting and music design.


He is good at storytelling with emotion. His great grandfather is the first Chinese director whom won an international film award in Chinese film history, and he wants to continue his family legacy.


As a director, he has multiple skill advantages in writing, acting, 

cinematography, editing and music. Instead of being a writer, actor, cinematographer, editor or musician, he has advantages of controlling every segment in the filmmaking process.


Hometown: Beijing, China
College:  MFA MPT

                Academy of Art University


I-Chen Su

Music Producer

Music & Sound Designer

Responsible for Music & Sound design for Media productions, creative sound designer for commercials, music videos, visual media.


I-Chen was influenced by her parents and began her music life at the age of 4. In 2010, she received an M.A. in Music at the Mannes College The New School for Music in New York City.


She is currently pursuing her second degree in Music Production & Sound Design for Visual Media at the Academy of Art University. I-Chen was a classically-trained musician.


In the beginning of her music career, she was an active performer. She now combines her classical music background with fully new music experience into her works, the combination of which brings more variety to her music. 


Hometown: Kaohsiung, Taiwan

College:  MFA Music & Sound Production 

                Academy of Art University

                M.A Music in Viola Perf.

                Mannes College of Music 




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